15 Famous kids who are more successful than their parents

Everyone wants their kids to be successful, but these young stars took that to the next level. Forget about Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner left her parents in the dust.

15. Kylie Jenner
Everyone knows that Kris Jenner literally trademarked the term "Momager", she's not afraid to put in hard work, and all of her efforts made her family a household name. But although her kids are each successful in their own way, we all know the mega-money earnings star of the show is really Kylie. whether or not you think she's truly self-made, you have to admit that she has a net worth of a billion dollars, thanks to her cosmetics company and social media promotions. Also, she accomplished this by the time she was 20 years old, so who knows how much more wealth she'll accumulate in her lifetime.
But for Kris, raising a billionaire has some pretty nice perks. Like the time Kylie bought her a $250,000 Ferrari 488 for an early birthday gift.

14. Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish said that she never had to discover her love music because she grew up in an extremely musical household. It was just a part of her daily life thanks to her parents, who hoped to find fame in their own ways. Her mother, Maggie Baird, is an actress who's had some brief and minor roles in shows like "Bones" and "Days of Our Lives", she's also been in a few films and wrote and starred in "life inside out", but by far her most well-known gig was editing Veliz music video for Six Feet Under, and then there's her dad, Patrick O'Connell, who's briefly appeared in things like "Ironman" and "The West Wing", he helped Billy develop her love of music but neither of her parents is as well known or as successful as Billy.

13. Haley Baldwin-Bieber
Haley Baldwin Bieber comes from an exceptionally famous family, one of her uncles is Alec Baldwin, who's undoubtedly the most famous of the bunch, but don't forget about her other uncle's Daniel and William. Her father is Stephen Baldwin who has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars, he's the one who introduced her to her now-husband Justin Bieber which was no minor contribution to the world of pop culture, but at the end of the day, Hayley's career has gained her a net worth of three million dollars, which is six times what her father has accumulated.

12. Yara Shahidi
By the time she was 19 years old, Yara Shahidi was already worth a million dollars thanks to her work on shows like Black-ish and Grown-ish. But did you know that she's not the only member of her family involved in show business? Her mother, Carrie Shahidi, has worked as an actress and model too.
In fact, Yara would frequently audition along with her mother and younger brother Ehsan. There are some other famous names in her family too, like her other brother, child star, Sayeed Shahidi, and her cousin-once-removed Nas.

11. Olivia Jade
We all know that Lori Loughlin and Massimo Janu Lee were caught up in the now-famous 2019 college admissions Bribery Scandal, they were accused of paying to get their daughter Olivia Jade and UCLA. But by this time Olivia was already making it on her own, she had amassed an incredible following on social media and was getting sponsorship from big brands like Sephora and Amazon. Her well-established parents might have more cash in the bank, but Olivia stood out as a modern star appealing to her huge social media audience, and while she's free to continue her career on Instagram and YouTube, her parents are looking at some serious charges and potentially a huge lawsuit. Lori and Massimo's monk have more cash than Olivia now, but that could all change if Olivia stays famous while they become infamous.

10. Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz has not one but two extremely famous parents, and you might have heard of her stepfather Jason Momoa. Her father Lenny Kravitz has had some minor movie roles but his most recent was "Star" in 2016, and he's mostly known for his musical career, Zoe's mother Lisa Bonet became a household name thanks to her stint on "The Cosby Show", but her acting career has slowed way since then. Meanwhile, Zoe is keeping it current and working on major movies like "Fantastic beasts", "The crimes of Grindelwald" and "Spider-man into the spider purrs", She'll also be appearing in "The Batman" a Selina Kyle better known as Catwoman.
Her parents have been in the industry for many years, but it's clear that it's now Zoey's time to shine.

9. Lily Collins
To paraphrase Jack Donaghy from 30 rock, every one with two ears and a heart loves Phil Collins, he's responsible for some of our favorite songs like "In the air tonight", "Sussudio" and "you'll be in my heart, from the Tarzan soundtrack". He has a discography a mile long but nowadays, this star prefers to stay far far away from the spotlight. After a health care coupled with addiction issues, Phil decided to live a reclusive lifestyle and spent five years in retirement. Meanwhile, his daughter Lily Collins has been on the move appearing in movies like "Tolkien", "Okja", and "Extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile". She is constantly taking on new roles that keep her in the spotlight.

8. Dakota and Elle Fanning
Siblings Dakota and Elle Fanning have both managed to find their own success without letting it impact their relationship with one another. Elle started out in her sister shadow, even playing a younger version of Dakota in the movie "I am Sam" and the miniseries "Taken", but while their levels of fame have evened out over the years, the same can't be said for their parents, their mother Heather joy was once a professional tennis player, their father Steven J Fanning was once a minor league baseball player before he traded in his cleats for a job as an electronic salesman. Although their parents were both athletes, they never became as famous as their children.

7. Chloe Grace-Moretz
It's one thing not to have a net worth in the millions, but the parents of Chloe Grace-Moretz have found themselves in some serious financial trouble, her parents were forced to declare bankruptcy back in 2005 when their debts totaled over five million dollars. Father McCoy Moretz is a plastic surgeon, and while he isn't exactly famous, he is pretty infamous in certain circles. He left Chloe's mom Terry when she was stricken with cancer and moved in with another woman. we're not here to detail that scandal but Chloe said she might never be able to forgive him, but if a life lived well, really is the best revenge then Chloe might just be in luck, she's way more famous than her parents and this star has the net worth to prove it. Chloe is worth about fifteen million dollars thanks to her acting and modeling careers.

6. Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland is well known for her role as Haley Dunphy on the sitcom "Modern Family", and many people don't realize that acting runs in her family. Although her parents are both actors, they haven't quite managed to find their daughter's level of success. Her mother Melissa Canaday appeared in the show stopped the bleeding for two episodes and has been in a couple of shorts, her father Edward James Hyland has some more acting credits to his name including "A rainy day in New York" and stints on shows like "Mr. Robot" and "Law & Order", Edward is also part of the ensemble in "Harry Potter and the Chris child". Clearly, Sarah came from a talented family, but she is by far the biggest star of them all.

5. Kaia Gerber
Cindy Crawford is one of the most well-known models of all time, but her daughter Kaia Gerber might even be more successful. Not only was Kylie's mother a famous model, but her father Randi Gerber was one too, prior to becoming a businessman in the entertainment industry.
Kaia has never relied on her family's fame or fortune to have her own amazing career, she's modeled for top fashion brands like "Fendi", "Chanel", and "Versace". And was even named model of the Year at the Fashion Awards in 2018. Now that she's made her first music video appearance for John Eatherly song "Burnout", we can't wait to see what she does next.

4. Lily Rose-Depp
Lily Rose-Depp grew up with some major footsteps to follow in, her father Johnny Depp is definitely a star who needs no introduction since he's been working regularly in Hollywood for decades. He's been an essential part of the massively successful "Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise" and recently joined the cast of the fantastic beasts movies as Gellert Grindelwald.
Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, is an actress, singer, and model who's been performing since she released her single Jolla taxi at age 14. Lily-Rose divides her time between visiting her dad in LA and her mother in Paris and still manages to find time for her own career. At the age of 20, she's already been in quite a few films and shows no sign of slowing down.

3. Billie Lourd
In 2016, fans mourned the passing of Star War's legend Carrie Fisher. In addition to her incredible acting career, she was also an author, screenwriter, and comedian. We spoke frankly about her struggles with bipolar disorder, but prior to her passing, she managed to film a scene for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with her daughter Billie Lourd.
Although she misses her mother, Billie said she's more than up to the challenge of stepping out from her shadow and living her own life, she reprised her role as lieutenant conics in the rise of Skywalker and even played a young version of Princess Leia, she's also made a name for herself for her work on "American Horror Story", and we can't wait to see what she does next.

2. Blake Lively
if you think you're not familiar with Blake Lively's famous father, think again!
Her dad, Ernie lively, actually played her character's father in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, he's been in tons of other movies as well, including "Looking Glass", "waffle Street", and "The perfect game". Blake's mother Elaine worked as a talent scout, so she knows a thing or two about the entertainment industry as well. But there's no denying that Blake is definitely the most famous person in her family.
Even though she's big on keeping her private life to herself, she has no shortage of fans who are obsessed with knowing more about her and her adorable husband Ryan Reynolds. During her time in Hollywood, she's accumulated a net worth of sixteen million dollars.

1. Brooklyn Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham did their best to give all their kids the most normal childhoods possible, their oldest son, Brooklyn, even worked part-time in a coffee shop to earn his spending money, but Brooklyn's definitely not pouring coffee anymore. He's determined to make it on his own and surpassed the fame achieved by his parents. He decided not to pursue soccer as a career and instead, turned to modeling in photography. He also has a huge following on social media which he's been able to leverage into some lucrative deals like becoming the face of "Huawei honor 8" Android phones. You might not find him on the soccer field, but Brooklyn definitely has a lot going on.

So which of these stars do you think to have the most impressive trajectory?