The truth about what happened to Britney Spears baby sister

Jannie-Lynn Spears
Even though she loves her big sis, Jamie Lynn Spears has always wanted to be more than just Britteny's little sister. for a while, it seemed like she disappeared but this talented woman is ready to step back into the spotlight.
Growing up, Jamie Lynn always felt as though she had two sets of parents James and Lindsey and her older siblings, Britney and Brian. Her parents admit Jamie Lynn's birth was a bit of a surprise and she's nine years younger than her sister Briteny and almost 14 years younger than Brian, it's safe to say Jamie Lynn was the baby of the family, but her upbringing was far from privileged. Things were often financially tough for the family, and sometimes they couldn't even afford food. On those dark days, her father would go out hunting just so he could keep his family fed.

Her family claims Jamie Lynn was always a gregarious girl who loved to show off and be the center of attention, so when her big sister Briteny hit it big, pretty much everyone assumed it was only a matter of time before Jamie was next. She even appeared in the movie crossroads as a younger version of Briteny's character, then she started working on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series all that. She managed to stand out from the rest of the cast and Nickelodeon offered her the chance to star in her very own television show Zoey 101.

The show was a huge hit, and Jamie Lynn even got to sing the theme song "follow me". While Jamie loved working on the show, she was looking forward to going home when it was all over. She left Zoey 101 with a plan "go back home, finish high school and embarked on a successful movie career", but everything changed the day she found out she was pregnant at only 16 years old, Jamie Lynn was standing in a gas station bathroom when she read the results of her pregnancy test. Many people blame the ending of Zoey 101 on Jamie Lynn's pregnancy, but she says that just isn't the case.
Even though the show had already ended, Jamie Lynn struggled with the feeling that she had let her fans down, she admits she was too afraid to ask her doctor about birth control because she feared being judged. But once she got pregnant, it seemed like the whole world was judging her. She was accused of glamorizing teen pregnancy but Jamie Lynn says she was only trying to share her side of the story.

All of a sudden, Jamie Lynn was engaged to her boyfriend and father of her child, her highschool sweetheart Kasey Aldridge, and trying to keep her head down. She stopped visiting high-profile places like New York and LA, And rarely even left her home in Louisiana, but still, the paparazzi wouldn't stop hounding her, and at times it got out of control. She even filed charges against one paparazzo, in particular, alleging that he had been stalking her. For the first year of her daughter Maddie Aldridge's life, she was too afraid to leave her alone for a single moment. Even the thought of other people touching her baby was overwhelming to this first-time mom. Jamie Lynn loved being a mother but admits it forced both her and Casey to take on responsibilities they weren't quite ready for. Eventually, the stress took its toll on the relationship and the couple split up.

But through the years, music was always a source of comfort to Jamie Lynn. When she was writing songs, she felt like her authentic self, she put out songs like "how could I want more" and even had the opportunity to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, after being introduced by her siblings of course. Jamie Lynn even found love again with her now-husband Jamie Watson. Yes, they both have the same name, but Jamie says he didn't realize she was famous when they were introduced by a mutual friend. The two welcomed to daughter Ivy Joan Watson to the family and for a long time, Jamie wanted nothing more than to enjoy a quiet life at home. Although she was on the down-low for a while, according to her former co-star Victoria Justice, Jamie Lynn is doing great, she has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, she's making music, and she's going to be in the Netflix series "sweet magnolias", some fans even think she might be the person behind the ladybug costume on the masked singer.

When she and Maddie appeared on a double dare, they won $15,000 which went straight to the hospital that helped Maddie after she was in a scary ATV accident. Many people thought Jamie would never find her way back into the spotlight or out of her sister's shadow, but she's managing to prove them wrong and keep putting her family first.

What do you think about Jamie's career? are you excited to see what she does next or do you think she's only famous because of her sister?