15 Women Celebs who got PREGNANT under 25

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy announcement stunned her fans, and Gigi Hadid seemingly just got back with Zayn Malik before she became pregnant, while some took to motherhood quickly. Hilary Duff thought she made a huge mistake after the birth of her second child. let's take a look at some other celebrities you might not have realized became parents at a young age.

15. Kylie Jenner
When Kylie became pregnant at the age of 20, she proved once and for all that the Kardashian-Jenner family can keep things quiet. Kim Kardashian called her pregnancy "the best-kept secret of our generation", and Kylie stayed out of the spotlight until her daughter stormy Webster was born.
Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians know that this star always talked about having kids young, and even though she and Stormies father Travis Scott split up, she said she's not done having kids!
Like her big sister Kim, Kylie wants to have four kids in total, although she isn't sure when it'll happen, she'd also like to call one of them Rose; a name she had in mind for stormy that she didn't end up using.

14. Gigi Hadid
Supermodel Gigi Hadid didn't quite manage to achieve Kylie's level of secrecy when it came to her own pregnancy. Shortly after celebrating her 25th birthday with her boyfriend Zayn Malik, news came out that the recently reunited couple was expecting.
Gigi confirmed this during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, although she admitted that she wished she could have announced it on her own terms.
Apparently, her bagel shaped birthday cake was a reference to the everything bagel cravings she's had since becoming pregnant. Plenty of celebs are happy for Gigi and Zayn, including Gigi's ex, former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron, who felt forced to explicitly tell fans that he is not the father.

13. Adele
Becoming a parent is never easy, but 24-year old Adele had to deal with postpartum depression after she and her now ex-husband Simon Konecki had their first son Angelo.
she admitted that she often felt frightened after her son was born, but found comfort in spending time with other moms, while she might have more kids at some point, she says she's still trying to catch up on her lack of sleep from having Angelo.

12. Reese Witherspoon
We all know that nowadays, Reese Witherspoon's old child Ava Felipe is pretty much her twin, but there was a time when Reese was a 23-year-old mother after welcoming her first child with her now ex-husband Ryan Philippe, in addition to daughter Ava, she and Ryan also have a son named Deacon Philippe, and Reese has another son. Tennessee James with her now-husband.
Reese has admitted that becoming a mom at a young age was scary, especially since she wasn't sure how it would impact her life and career. But looking back, she says she was glad she got started young, and having Tennessee at age 37 was a much bigger strain on her health. This star loves being a mom and is seemingly content with the size of her family.

11. Britney Spears
When Britney Spears announced she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 23, fans were still less surprised than when she married Kevin Federline after only three months of dating.
In addition to Sean, the now-former couple also have another son named Jayden James, and Kevin has primary custody of the children.
An anonymous source told hollywoodlife.com that this star wants to have another child with her now-boyfriend Sam Asghari, but the singer herself has yet to confirm anything. Right now, she's just trying to get more visitation with her two sons.

10. Jamie Lynn Spears
Although some fans blamed Jamie Lynn Spears as pregnancy for getting Zoey 101 canceled, she insists the show was already finished when she became pregnant at age 16. Fans were stunned to hear that she was expecting a child with ven boyfriend Casey Aldridge.
But according to Jamie; there's nothing wrong with being a young mother. She believes that love is the most essential part of being a parent. And after welcoming daughter Maddie Brienne, she later had another daughter Ivey Joan with her husband Jamie Watson.

9. Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara got married to her high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez when she was only 18 years old, and when she was 20 she gave birth to her son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.
She and Joe divorced a year later, and Sofia says becoming a single mom at a young age helped motivate her to keep going. She knew she had to hustle hard to provide for Manolo who inspired her to be responsible and practical with her income.
In 2015, she said she was open to having more children with husband Joe Manganiello, but it wasn't something she was actively working on. Now it seems like Sofia just wants to enjoy other people's babies.

8. Victoria & David Beckham
When Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were 24 and 23 respectively, they became parents to Brooklyn Joseph. Since then, they've added Romeo James, Cruz David, and Harper Seven to the family.
Victoria says; having kids taught her to appreciate her body, and the amazing things it's capable of.
Although none of their kids aspire to be professional soccer players, they've always been the very picture of a happy family.

7. Ashley Simpon
In May 2020, Ashley Simpson and her husband Evan Ross announced they were expecting in a sweet Instagram post.
Evan and Ashley have a daughter together named Jagger Snow. And when she was 24, Ashley became a mom to son Bronx Wentz with her now ex-husband Pete Wentz.
According to Ashley, she and Pete have the co-parenting thing down pat and enjoy being a blended family. This singer admits her schedule can be crazy, so having more hands to help out with the kids is definitely a good thing.

6. Elizabeth Taylor
Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor grew up being sheltered by her parents and admits she was often immature when she got married the first time at age 18.
After divorcing Conrad Hilton jr only eight months after their wedding, she married actor Michael Wilding and gave birth to their first son Michael Howard when she was 20 years old. she and Conrad had another son Christopher Edward before they divorced in 1957.
Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth Francis with her third husband Mike Todd and later adopted Maria Burton. This star has four children of her own, and now she has grandchildren as well.

5. Solange Knowles
After getting married at only 17, Solange gave birth to her son Daniel Julez J Smith jr.
Although she admits her child with now ex-husband Daniel Smith was unplanned, Solange says becoming a teen mom forced her to be strong and hold her head high. She says there's a serious stigma against young parents, and she often found it challenging to balance her career and her son.
Although Solange seems content to be a mother of one, her mother Tina Knowles Lawson says; she definitely wants more grandchildren.

4. Candace Cameron-Bure
Actress Candace Cameron-Bure went from starring on Full House to coping with an empty house once her kids moved out. She and husband Valeri Bure have three kids, the first of whom she had when she was 22.
Candace says her time with Natasha, Lev and Maxim went by so fast and before she knew it she was dealing with an empty nest, but she and Valeri didn't get to enjoy it for long since her children chose to quarantine with her during the Cov 19 pandemic.
Although this was a fuller house than she'd gotten used to, Candice says she was happy to have more time to spend with her kids.

3. Kate Hudson
kate Hudson already has three kids, but she might not be done yet. She had her first child Ryder Russell Robinson when she was 23 and married to her now ex-husband Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. After that, she had Bingham Hawn Bellamy with muse frontman Matt Bellamy and a daughter Rany Rose Hudson Fujikawa with Danny Fujikawa.
In February of 2020, kate revealed that she may want to add another member of her family while Rany is still young. Because once this mom is out of the baby phase, she knows she may be more reluctant to start changing diapers again.

2. Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff became a first-time mom at the age of 23 when she and her now ex-husband Mike Comrie welcomed her son Luca Cruz Comrie into the world. But according to Hilary, having a second child was even more difficult in some ways.
when her son Luca was just shy of 7 years old, she and her husband Matthew Koma had a daughter named Banks Violet Blair. Hilary said she had to cope with a lot of mom guilt and worried Luca would feel neglected by the time and attention she had to spend on little banks. But apparently, these two kids share a close bond which makes Hilary feel more confident about her decision to grow her family.

1. Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna became a mother at the age of 24 when she and rapper Tyga had a son named King Cairo Stevenson, she also has a daughter named Dream with Rob Kardashian and says she's open to having more kids with one stipulation.
Apparently, Blac would love to have four kids in total, but she refuses to have any more than that, why? because she doesn't want to be forced to buy a minivan to accommodate her large family )

were these celebrities smart to start their families young?