The Best Way To Get Your Dream Lashes

Get Your Dream Lashes

Have you ever dreamed of having the eyelashes of a model? Just about every woman wants those long, lush eyelashes that make your eyes stand out from others. There are many solutions to finding those perfect lashes. They include curling your eyelashes, putting one eyelash extenders or false eyelashes, and applying mascara. While all of these work, they can put a dent in your pocketbook and also cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

Let’s take a look at two of these solutions:

False Eyelashes – They are available just about anywhere you can buy beauty products. Learning how to apply them properly takes a little practice, but it can be done relatively quickly. After use, be sure to take them off cautiously making sure you get the glue off, too. Be sure to put a conditioner on your real eyelashes afterward, too. Your lashes tend to weaken and drop off when false eyelashes are used for an extended period of time.

Eyelash extenders – These are just what the name implies. Tiny hairs are attached to your natural lashes. They can be pretty pricey, too. A set can run anywhere from $300-500  per set. It normally takes around two hours (give or take thirty minutes) to have them put on, too. New lashes constantly replace your old ones, which means the extenders will fall out every time an old one does. So, the extenders will have to be replaced to the tune of around $200 per return trip. Your natural lashes can become brittle when using extenders, too.

Since these alternatives can cause damage to your natural lashes, it is recommended you only use them for special outings or not very often. Mascara can also cause damage to your eyelashes if it is not removed every day. Any time you can keep from using mascara will give them a much-needed rest, too.

Vitamin E or Vaseline can be used as a conditioner for your eyelashes. They should be put on before bedtime then brushed through with brush designed for eyelashes. There are also creams available that can help your eyelashes grow.

If you are not happy with your eyelashes, just keep in mind there are several solutions to getting better ones.