Quick Guide To Make Your Style Better


The most important principle in style and fashion is clothing fit. How does that outfit fit your body shape? Fit the largest part on your body and anything else can be tailored. For instance, if you have an undefined waist then you need to make sure your jeans or skirt are not too tight in this particular area. Every person’s body is different and they may need to purchase items in a size that allows room for their voluptuous chest, or hips.

Maybe their thighs and booty always feel like sausage casings because they are stuffed into their pants, then go up a size! You need to fit the largest spots on your body than anywhere that is too loose can be taken in. It is best to go shopping with the mindset that anything off the rack will need to be tailored or hemmed for an extra $10 or so. Rarely does anything fit like a glove without the proper measurements?  If you have a closet full of items in a smaller size or two than do not wear these items, you need to dress for the size and body that you are currently in. Perhaps you need to finally donate those items.

By the time you may reach that smaller size again those items may be outdated anyway. Wearing clothing that is too tight will make you look large. Conversely, clothing that is baggy and hanging off you does not make you look small, it makes you look frumpy! Wear clothes that fit you.


Make sure that you are not placing horizontal lines and color changes at trouble spots on your body. Here are a few examples: a woman with large flabby upper arms wears a cap sleeve shirt that is tightly fit around her troubled upper arms. The change in color from her shirt to her skin tone, along with the tight hemline of the cap sleeve, makes for a bad horizontal line at her trouble spot. It brings too much attention to her upper arms and would be better suited in a ¾ length sleeved shirt or even a tank top where the shirt sleeve doesn’t end right at the large portion of her arm.

Here is another example of horizontal line use: a woman wears a white shirt over black pants. The white shirt meets the black pants and forms a horizontal line right at her very wide hips. The color change is very dramatic and the eye is drawn to the wideness of the hips. Instead, she should consider where she is placing her horizontal lines by wearing a similar color shirt as her pants to create a vertical column, which is very slimming and maybe topping her outfit with an open cardigan. If she still wants to wear a white shirt over black pants then she needs to consider the hem-length of her shirt and have the color change occur at a more flattering part of her body.

Maybe her thighs are very nice and she wants to wear a longer styled fitted white sweater that ends at her thighs instead of her hips. Every woman needs to take her body into consideration regarding where horizontal lines can occur.


Have some good basic clothing pieces to have in your closet before you splurge on the trendy items. Good basics include a few tanks/camis and t-shirts in your basic color, for instance, black, gray, white, browns or tans, this all depends on what looks best with your skin tone and wardrobe. You will also need a black pair of pants, a nice dark pair of jeans or two, long-sleeved shirts, a  coat, and sweaters in basic colors. Lastly, you need a solid color skirt and dress. Before you buy the purple ruffled skirt or the military green blazer remember to have the basic pieces first. It is so easy to look at our closet and say we do not have anything to wear when maybe we are just missing the basic pieces to bring our wardrobe to life. I bet if you shop your closet you will find you already own many of these pieces, now bring them to the front of your closet and base your daily wardrobe off your basic pieces.


PLEASE wear skirts and dresses; I wish more ladies would wear these beautiful pieces. The best thing about being a hot woman is that we can dress feminine and show we took the time to care about our appearance. I think all women look better in a skirt because it brings out the beautiful feminine form. The most flattering look of a skirt or dress has the hemline ending around the knees plus or minus a couple of inches. If your skirt ends too short it looks kind of trashy unless you are a tween that can pull it off, and even then opaque tights or leggings look best with the mini-skirt look because we do not want to make other people uncomfortable when they look at us. Skirts that are too long look frumpy and outdated. Floor-length or calf-length skirts never look good.

I think some women think they are hiding the lower body by putting on massive tent-like bohemian skirts when really they are just drawing the eye down to their lower body. Even if you hate your legs please keep your skirt length just a couple of inches below your knees.


Take care of your clothing. You do not want your clothing to have any loose threads, stains, or pills because it will draw negative attention to your appearance. You want people to notice how gorgeous you look every day, and the eye will naturally be drawn to anything ugly or out of place on a person. You want to strive to look impeccable at every occasion, and therefore you need to take the utmost care of your clothing by gently laundering, and following the instructions for care. Please purge your closet of any stained or outdated clothing. If you think you can repair the tear or hole in an article of clothing than sew it up and try it on in front of a mirror to make sure it looks like it is supposed to.

Do not stockpile items that you will “one day” get around to sewing and de-staining. Either fix them or purge them from your closet. Regarding storage, clothing can either be hung from a hanger or folded neatly in a drawer or on a shelf. Having heaps of clothing around your room and thrown over chairs will clutter your mind and eventually ruin your clothing. The only time you can pile your clothes is before you are going to wash them. Those clothes you purchased were expensive and you want them to last and look perfect every time you put them on.


Try to keep a consistent color palette amongst your wardrobe for ease of dressing. Make sure the color palette is flattering to your skin tone and overall look. A woman who looks good in brown may want to continue to buy and wear her basic pieces in tones of browns and tans that are flattering and that coordinate with other fall colors. Keep it all within one color family and then your clothes have the best chance of matching each other when you are trying to coordinate your outfits.

If you are the type to only wear black then make sure this color looks good on you. This is a very current look and nearly every clothing line has its pieces available in the black color. Really look in the mirror at yourself in your black clothing to see if that is truly a flattering look for you. On some people, black is a draining color and makes them look deathly. Black is considered slimming so it is popular, but you could also wear another dark color and still get the slimming effect if black is washing you out.


Heels come in so many different heights that pairing your heels with your pants can sometimes be a challenge. One pair of flat-heeled shoes may make the pants drag on the floor while another pair of platform high-heeled shoes may give you the appearance of wearing high waters that are too short for your legs. Please wear the shoes that you are planning on wearing with the pants when you try on your pants at the store, or when you go and get them tailored to a flattering height for your legs.

You may want to consider purchasing shoes in all similar heights. I purchase heels and boots near 2 to 2.5 inches in height because I want to be able to pair all of my shoes with all of my pants. I have a couple of pairs of jeans that I only wear flat shoes; these would look too short if I paired them with heels. When you walk the back of your pant hem lifts slightly and cause the pants to look shorter, so make sure and walk in your pants in front of a mirror to check the length.


Want to look 10 years younger? Wear a supportive lifting bra and lift those girls up! Make sure that your bra is fitting you properly. Go and get a professional bra fitting. You do not want to have spillage over your bra cups that will show through your shirt as bulges and make you look lumpy. Make sure the band is properly fit to your rib cage and that you are adjusting your shoulder straps to get the best fit. A supportive chest makes your clothes look better, makes you look slimmer, and feels better.


Before you go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe spend an hour or two shopping in your closet. You will be amazed at some of the pieces you have in there that you can coordinate into new outfits. Try wearing something in a totally different way. Think creatively and have some fun. Get out your accessories and try wearing your outfits in a new arrangement with different accessories. Even if you do not think it is really you there is no harm in trying something different on and looking at yourself in front of a full-length mirror to see the whole package. This may be a good time to purge any old and tired items that no longer fit from your closet.