Lindsay Lohan's real life struggles with Fame

Everyone remembers Cady heron from Mean Girls, per chaotic backstory, her idiosyncrasies, and unforgettable outfits. But what about the girl who played her?
Lindsay Lohan has unfortunately led a tragic life from promising child actress to troubles with the law, where did it all go wrong for the young starlet?

Born July 2nd, 1986, Lindsay D Lohan was the talk of the town, her father Michael Lohan split his time between investment banking and running the family pasta business while Donata Sullivan, her mother, was a Wall Street analyst. Lindsay grew up with her parents in a wealthy suburb of Long Island. Following the lifestyle of her business-oriented family, Lindsay booked her first commercial gig when she was just three years old. She quickly racked up an impressive resume with over 60 television ads and 100 print advertisements. Until she landed the role, or should we say two roles of both sisters in The Parent Trap in 1998. This was a breakout role for the young Disney star. Cashing in at over 92 million dollars globally, the film was an international box office hit.

And it's cemented Lindsay status as Hollywood's up-and-coming it girl for years to come, the following years were extremely profitable for the child actress and it wasn't long before she was landing leading roles every single year, in 2003 she co-starred in "Freaky Friday" with Jamie Lee Curtis, followed by Disney's 2004 hit "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", and last we forget one of the most unforgettable Lohan films of all time "Mean Girls", which hit the cinematic scene in 2004 becoming the 24th highest-grossing movie of the year.
Lindsay was also recognized at the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards for her performance in the film, and who can forget when Lindsay Lohan starred in "Herbie Fully Loaded" in 2005. Making 144 million dollars at the box office, this crazy car comedy launched Lindsay's career into the next dimension. She released her debut studio album "Speak" around the same time, the album was a pretty big success and she ended up releasing one more album in 2005 titled "A little more personal". However, like many second albums, it didn't do as well as the debut.

The next two films she was in "Just My Luck" and "A Prairie Home Companion" seemed to follow suit financially speaking as they paled in comparison at the box office to her earlier films.
Once her fame seemed to be dwindling, she took a turn to the dark side. People were suddenly becoming more and more fascinated with her public life than her professional life, and for good, reason admit it! you can't resist reading about a juicy celebrity scandal, especially if it involves one of your favorite actors. And when the tabloids got wind of beloved teen idol Lindsay Lohan facing in jail time, you bet they were following the story 24/7. Like moths to a candle, they followed Lindsay mercilessly, and the explosion of her personal life seemed proof that even a list of celebrities can fly a little too close to the Sun.

May 26th, 2007 was a dark day for the spiraling starlet, Lohan was arrested after she drove into a tree in Beverly Hills, totaling her Mercedes Benz. She was arrested shortly after on July 24th for allegedly participating in a high-speed car chase with the mother of her former PA.
These arrests have something in common besides cars, in both cases, Lohan was in possession of illegal substances, and though her possession amount was below the felony limit, she still spent time in jail. she accepted a plea deal that included ten days of community service at a mortuary and in a hospital, maybe this community service was so she could get a closer look at the consequences of her actions. Despite the harsh sentence she initially faced, celebrities always have highly compensated private lawyers, so she only ended up spending a total of 84 minutes in jail that year. Perhaps the largest thing to come out of her plea deal was her enrollment in mandatory rehab.

In the summer of 2007, Lohan became an official inpatient at the Cirque Lodge treatment center in beautiful sundance Utah, this was a big-time in Lindsay's life when she called "sobering and humbling" according to an interview with OK Magazine. She wanted to stay sober and stay out of Los Angeles after that. Times were tough for young Lohan.
She kept appearing in the tabloids with rumors she was battling an eating disorder, still using illegal substances and partying like a rock star. Since her big tabloid days in 2007 and 2008, things have calmed down for the young actress a little bit. Once she entered her 30s, she started spending a lot more time at her home in Dubai. she even started her own MTV reality show called "Lindsay Lohan's beach house" which documented the people who worked at her resort in Mykonos, but the show didn't make it that far due to low ratings. The producers claimed there wasn't enough drama in the series, but as far as we can tell, Lindsay is done with breakdowns.

What do you think will happen next in the complicated life of Lindsay Lohan? do you want to see her make a comeback to the silver screen? or do you think she should retire from show business?