The tragic story of Juice Wrld taken too soon

Chicago rapper Jared a Higgins, known more commonly as Juice Wrld has passed away at the age of 21.
After receiving a Billboard Music Award for top new artists and being named one of the most streamed artists on SoundCloud, it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to one of emo rap's most promising artists.
His legacy
Juice Wrld started out as a bedroom rapper, as a teenager, he began making music that sounded somewhere in between Kanye and blink-182, and decide to post it online not sure where it will take him. In 2017 he independently released the song lucid dreams that would end up launching his career. The song received the most plays of any song in 2018 and even peaked at number two on the Hot 100 chart in the US.

Higgins began to experience an influx of attention, and just one year later he signed to Interscope Records for a hefty three million dollar deal, with the label behind him he released two albums and started making a name for himself. In less than two years his tracks hit the Hot 100 chart 25 times and he hit the road co-headlining with Nicki Minaj.

Just one week before his passing, Higgins concluded his Australian tour and celebrated his birthday on the top deck of a luxury boat. He posted a photo to Instagram celebrating the milestone his fans joined in to congratulate his success. Later, the same cost would be used as the site to express condolences.

what happened?
Higgins had taken a private jet to Chicago and it arrived around 2 a.m. Shortly after landing, paramedics received an emergency call and were brought to the scene immediately. They arrived to discover that Higgins had suffered a seizure while walking through the airport, he was then taken to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oakland Illinois and was pronounced in adamant at 3:14 a.m after experiencing cardiac arrest.
According to the reports, there was no sign of foul play and the cause of the heart malfunction is still unknown. According to the authorities, an autopsy has not yet been performed, but when it is, it should determine the cause and manner of the passing and hopefully bring some answers to Higgins's family and his loved ones.

The love left behind
Higgins leaves behind a whole host of family, friends, and his beloved girlfriend Ali Lodi. If you followed Juice Wrld on Instagram or Twitter, you'll have seen her featured multiple times in either couple's pics or heartfelt shoutouts.

In a tweet, Higgins wrote Lodi is 1,000 times better than any of my past relationships because she genuinely has my best interest at hand. On and offline, their love was palpable. He even credited his girlfriend for getting over his codeine habit, something he was struggling with for a long time.
In July of 2019, he apologized to Lodi via a tweet saying "you put up with more than people know". Though his schedule became increasingly packed as his career took off, the couple still managed to make it work.

The other main woman in Higgens's life was his mother. in an Instagram post, he showed a video kissing both Ali and his mom on the cheek with the caption "the two most beautiful women in my life. Angels on earth exist, I know it"
Higgins has repeatedly talked about being raised primarily by his mother and has been open about how it has shaped him. Apparently, she didn't allow her son to listen to rap, and therefore he grew up listening to a lot of gospel pop and rock. He credits his upbringing for shaping his musical influences and aiding him and spearheading the sub-genre of emo-pop.

An artist remembered
The music world has been stunned by Higgins's sudden passing, and several artists have taken to social media to express their sadness. Drake wrote on Instagram "I would like to see all the younger talent live longer, and I hate waking up hearing another story filled with blessings was cut short".
Many people whom Higgins collaborated with also spoke out, including Lil Yachty who tweeted "wow I cannot believe this, rest in peace". Ellie Goulding also shared photos of them together, and wrote: "you had so much further to go, you were just getting started, you'll be missed juice".
Lil Nas X paid tribute saying "it's so sad how often this is happening to up-and-coming artists".
Chance, the rapper, posted on Instagram saying "millions of people, not just in Chicago, but around the world are hurting because of this and don't know what to make of it. I'm sorry. Love you and God bless your soul".

In a statement following his passing, Higgins's label described him as a gentle soul whose creativity knew no bounds. He's remembered by his teachers and staff from high schools being a brilliant and creative student, was extraordinarily gifted in music. A school spokeswoman Jody Bryant stated, "he was a caring and outgoing person who always tried to reach out to others".

Based on the staggering responses, already clear how much he will be missed. Juice Wrld was taken too soon and we join in grieving this tremendous artist. His music was a gift, and we will be celebrating his work for years to come.

How did you Juice Wrld's music impact you? Is there a particular song that shaped you?